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Finally! A Planner for Freelancers with everything you need!

The Freelancer’s Planner includes Billing Goals and full Saturday and Sunday
Pages, because sometimes we freelancers work on the weekends!
There is also plenty of room for noting personal errands so you can
seamlessly incorporate them into your business life.

  • All three spreads—monthly, weekly, and daily—have a place for billing goals and actual billing. Keep track of your daily billing total so you can see when you need to step it up to meet your weekly and monthly billing goals.

  • The weekly spread has a place for time scheduled and spent per client with amount billed.

  • Use the yearly master list as a brain dump for long term client jobs, marketing and business goals, wishes, dreams—any goal or activity you want to be reminded of throughout the year.

  • List your overall monthly picture in the monthly spread, then as the weeks go by, enter these items on your weekly to do list—this will give you a great overview of the week.

  • At the beginning of each week I like to enter items from my weekly to do into the daily to do—then at the beginning of each day I can add things if necessary. You can easily indicate priorities and/or time needed per task.

  • Next to each day is a full page for notes—I like to use this for a summary of client meetings or calls from that day—no more random scraps of paper I can never find.

  • Use the daily checklist for social media posting to make sure it gets done.

  • There is a special section for deadlines to make sure nothing slips past you.

  • The weekly spread also has a dedicated place for deductible expenses—just jot here for later entry into your bookkeeping system.

  • Never forget about marketing and administrative tasks—they’re just as important as client work and the special section help ensure you keep them on your radar.

  • At the end of the planner are extra pages including a place for your own login info, client login info and blank note pages.

summer 3d.png

Guided Planner

8 x 10 inches

122 pages


just looking 3D.png

Goal Setting Planner

6 x 9 Inches

102 pages

The Secret 3D.png

Goal Setting Planner

6 x 9 Inches

102 pages

without 3d.png

Goal Setting Planner

6 x 9 Inches

102 pages

cat lover mock2.png

Lined Journal

6 x 9 Inches

150 pages

freelancer planner4.jpg
freelancer planner2.jpg
freelancer planner new.jpg
freelancers planner cover 3D.png
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