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About Me

I've been a graphic designer for over 20 years. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design and a BFA in Illustration from The Savannah College of Art and Design, I started out like most graphic designers... I designed logos and brochures, every kind of marketing material you can think of and even the occasional website. Then I designed my first book... and I was hooked! I love books. I've always loved books. I started to seek out more book jobs, and I started designing more and more books, both ebooks and print. I decided, If I love designing books so much, why am I doing anything else? So I transitioned from general graphic design into a book design specialist... I absolutely love designing unique, fabulous books!

All my life I've been an artist... I draw and paint, I've worked in pastels and colored pencil, oil and acrylic. I also enjoy designing jewelry and have dabbled in glass fusing, etching (one of my favorites!) and enameling (the other favorite!). I also tried pottery... It did not go well... I don't want to talk about it.

I love being able to offer authors my illustration skills to help bring their book to life. And I am totally digging illustrating children's books! You can see some of my book designs and illustration at

Annette Wood

Designer, Illustrator

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